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Complete Wedding Planning vs On-The-Day Coordination

Which wedding planning package suits your requirements?

Quite often people confuse wedding planners, or wedding coordinators, with on-the-day wedding coordinators.

In-fact, the role of an all-inclusive wedding planner is quite different from an on-the-day coordinator.

When booking a complete wedding planning service, you would usually have the option to use your wedding planner as your on-the-day coordinator as well. It is always best to book both services if your wedding planner is personally available on your chosen wedding date.

We have broken down the responsibilities of both roles below so that you are able to make an informed decision as to what assistance you require when it comes to your special day.


An all-inclusive wedding planner manages everything for you, from start to completion of the wedding planning process.

A wedding planner’s responsibilities include the following:

· Schedule meetings to determine your overall vision for your wedding day

· Refine and document your budget parameters

· Get to know your preferred colour palette

· Suggest ideas for table design, floral, lighting & other aesthetic elements

· Determine the service providers required to execute all aspects of your wedding day

· Oversee all communications with the respective service providers

· Present the refined service provider quotes for your approval

· Schedule and oversee all required meetings with the chosen service providers

· Execute a table décor mock and catering tasting for your approval

· Assist with any advice required in terms of wedding attire and styling

· Act as negotiator when it comes to budget specifications, insider discounts etc

· Construct a detailed timeline for the day of the wedding day

· Oversee the setup, wedding day and breakdown periods

· Arrange post-wedding feedback to wrap up the planning process


An on-the-day coordinator only assists you for a short period before the wedding day, usually two weeks, as well as during the wedding itself. An on-the-day coordinator is not involved with the planning process. Usually an on-the-day coordinator assists couples who would prefer to plan their wedding themselves, however, need a professional to execute all their preparations. This service is essential because on your wedding day you should be able to enjoy yourself and relax!

An on-the-day coordinators’ responsibilities include the following:

· Preview the wedding and reception site

· Act as the contact person for all service providers for roughly two weeks before the wedding as well as on the wedding day

· Construct a detailed timeline for the wedding day

· Ensure all areas of the wedding venue are setup correctly

· Oversee the guests and service providers to ensure the wedding is flowing smoothly and punctually

· Manage any last-minute changes or emergencies

View our wedding planner check list for more information on the wedding planning services we offer during the planning of the perfect wedding.

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