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Warren-Stone Weddings Top 10 Wedding Videographers

Not listed in any order of preference

“Our style reflects our passion for black and white films, with all their timeless sensuality and style and although we do not only produce black and white films, we consider it to be our trademark. Verve Wedding Films has a fly on the wall approach and we try to be as discreet as possible on the wedding day. The true memorable moments comes naturally and we define these moments as golden."

“We are a vibrant Cape Town-based team that is committed to capturing your wedding day in a discreet, yet complete way. Unlike many other wedding videographers, we are able to film the most important parts of your day without hindering other guests, getting in the way or requiring the room to be rearranged to suit our needs.”

We provide coverage of your wedding from the preparation to the reception. We dedicate a lot of time and effort into our films from the actual filming on the day to getting the perfect sound, editing and colour correction. Let’s be honest, simply turning on a camera, pressing record and handing over hours of footage simply does not cut it anymore! But we know that it’s not all about the tech stuff, it’s about the heart of the story.”

“From an elopement at the base of a waterfall to weddings in the historic Cape Winelands, to the serene bushveld of Limpopo and everything in-between, we are a well-experienced husband and wife team doing what we love. We endeavor to capture the incredible culmination of family, friendships, life and love that makes a wedding day the epic life event that it is. Our faith in God deeply affects our outlook and view of life. He gives us the ability and strength to do what we do. We are committed to delivering films and photos that will be loved and treasured for a lifetime.”

“We are qualified filmmakers who take wedding films to a whole new level. Every wedding is a piece of art and reflects the personality and dynamics of our beautiful couples. We are a team of artists who live our job and we love to work with people. We film weddings countrywide and have two branches, one in Pretoria for Gauteng and one in Cape Town to cover the Western Cape. We travel everywhere in the world to capture the world’s best moments.”

"We are simply in love with making beautiful wedding films all over the world and consider it such a great privilege to share in this special occasion with you and your loved ones! It goes without saying that quality and creativity is our pursuit, but even more so… we love to capture the tangible atmosphere, unforgettable beauty and joyful festivities shared by you and your family!"

“Documenting lives and telling stories is what we do. We are looking for couples who are fun, free-spirited and can share our passion for adventure and spontaneity with us, as we come with you and capture the best day of your life. We want to team up and create a master-piece, that has us all simultaneously crying, laughing and smiling.”

“Our passion is to produce, emotional, breath-taking and fun filled wedding and other event videos for our clients. We want to inspire and be inspired by our couples, and for this reason we produce a limited number of wedding videos per year. Our videos are personalized and handcrafted for each and every one of our clients. Our signature style seeks out the emotion, connection and movement, which play out abundantly on the day. Our films capture this in a most unique way.”

“We seek the unfeigned, soul-stirring and fleeting moments. We're not going to pose you - we want you to be brave, feel the emotions, move gently then swiftly, laugh until you cry, hold one another and never let go and embrace what may come; embrace the rain, feel your hearts beat as the wind ripples around you and run away with us to capture the never seen before sunset”

10. Kikitography Motion

"Kikitography Motion is about telling stories, just as they are. Relive the biggest day of your life. Relive your story through motion. We are passionate about moments. Kikitography Motion’s style can be described as cinematic documentary. Your film will follow the narrative of the events during the day, mixed with music driven sequences. The structure of your film is guided by the story. Story takes first priority. Your main film won’t contain extensive coverage of speeches, only highlights. This will keep the film’s tempo lively and exciting!"

Warren-Stone Weddings offers a selection of wedding packages tailored to meet your wedding requirements. Contact us for assistance in the curation of your own wedding.



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