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The Ultimate Wedding Planner Checklist

Planning a wedding can be quite a momentous task. Once having made the decision to get married to the love of your life, the next step is to confirm a wedding planner to assist you with your wedding planning process. In the mean time, it would be our suggestion to start thinking about the below questions.

At Warren Stone Wedding's and Events, we help you through this exciting love journey and have our very own well constructed wedding planner check list to share with you.



  • Proposed wedding date?

  • How many guests are you inviting?

  • How many guests are you realistically expecting to attend considering some people may be traveling?

  • What do you want your wedding to encompass (Overall concept)?

  • Preferred colour scheme?

  • Who will be your bridesmaids and how many?

  • Who will be the best man & groomsmen and how many?

  • Brides accommodation for the morning of the wedding day?

  • Grooms accommodation for the morning of the wedding day?

  • Couples accommodation on the wedding night?


  • Civil or religious ceremony?

  • Specify religion if you are religious?

  • Preferred setting for your ceremony (chapel / garden / cityscape / seaside)?

  • Have you finalised an officiating officer/minister?

  • Specify number of bridesmaids?

  • Specify number of groomsmen?

  • Specify number of flower girls or page boys?

  • Have you finalised an MC for the event?

  • Reserved seating for the ceremony. (e.g. how many rows, how many seats)?

  • Bridesmaids and Groomsmen standing or seated during the ceremony?

  • Requirements that the officiator has for the ceremony (Lectern / cocktail table / wine / sand / candles)?

  • Where is the confetti toss taking place (Recessional / separate area after the ceremony)?

  • Where is the signing taking place (ceremony area / bridal table)?

  • Full names of witnesses for bride and groom?


  • Breakfast, lunch or dinner reception?

  • Do you have a specific starting time you would prefer?


  • What sound do you envisage before and during ceremony, during pre-drinks, during dinner and during the dancing period (classical group / recording / jazz / contemporary / choir / soloist / contemporary artist / DJ)?


  • How many courses would you prefer?

  • Type of menu (Buffet / Plated service)?

  • Type of cuisine (Traditional South African / Mediterranean / Asian / Seafood)?


  • Will all beverages be provided by the function venue or would you like to outsource wine or champagne?

  • Will all beverages be to the main client account or will there be a cash bar option available?

  • Who is responsible for signing for the bar tab at the end of the celebration?


  • How many tiers you would like?

  • Do you have any flavour in mind?

  • What style of icing / décor would you prefer on the cake?


  • Do you require a hair and make-up artist?

  • Will bridesmaids and the mothers of the bridal couple also be utilising this professional service?


  • Have you completed the design and sent out the save-the-date?

  • Have you completed the design and sent out the invitations?

  • Do you require programmes and if so for both Ceremony and or Reception proceedings?

  • Do you require personalised menu’s or menu’s per table?

  • Is there a specific seating chart design you are interested in?

  • Do you require assistance with table gifts per person or per couple?


  • Will you be making use of a gift registry?

  • If so what gifts would you like?


  • Do you require a photographer?

  • Do you require a videographer?

  • What style of photos and video do you prefer (Modern, abstract, traditional, documentary)?

  • Full names of the two family members (one on the bride’s side and one on the groom’s side) who will be assisting the photographer gather family members for each shot (needs to be people who know your respective families well)?


  • Does the wedding party need transport?

  • Wedding party vehicle preference?

  • Shuttles for guests to or from the wedding venue?


  • Who is responsible for taking the gifts or cards at the end of the evening?

  • Do you wish for us to keep one of each printed stationery item for you as a memento and, if so, to whom should this be given at the end of the evening?

  • Do you wish for us to keep the seating plan and, if so, to whom should this be given at the end of the evening?

  • Do you wish for a tier of cake to be kept after the wedding and, if so, to whom should this be given at the end of the evening?

  • Please list anything you are bringing over and above items we have organised (e.g. gifts, additional stationery, second dress, second pair of shoes)?


  • Where will you be staying on the night of the wedding?

  • Where and when will you be going on honeymoon?

As you can see, planning a wedding requires a significant amount of time, idea's, inspiration, industry know-how and on the day co-ordination. We hope you have found some inspiration from the above wedding planning check list although there is a lot more to consider when planning your special day.

Contact us to discuss the wedding planning check list and let us help you plan your perfect celebration.

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