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Warren-Stone Weddings Top 10 Wedding Photographers

Not listed in any order of preference

“Capturing moments at weddings of a couple and their loved ones is a massive privilege for me. I genuinely believe that we as humans discover a whole new level of beauty when we see the magic in the small things around us – every moment matters – big or small – and I absolutely love capturing those raw and real memories for people. When I’m shooting a wedding, it’s one of the most fulfilling spaces in which I find myself.”

“My photography style is relaxed, warm and natural. I like to think of every shoot as an adventure! Time to play and have fun. I find the best photographs are captured when my clients are having a good time. You can expect to laugh, dance and be silly with me! I am all about positive vibes and living in the moment. If this sounds like you, we will love working together!”

“Ryan has an impeccable reputation locally and Internationally and has photographed weddings recently in New York, London, Paris, Porto, Paphos, Taormina, Milan and Zanzibar. Ryan has won numerous awards including nine Fuji Profoto awards in one year. He was also named by Just Married magazine in Italy as one of the finest wedding photographers in the world. Nicholas Purcell in Australia also named Ryan as one of the top one hundred wedding photographers in the world.”

4. Duane Smith

“My Approach to each wedding story with a simple, observant & personal style. Being a Wedding Photographer, I have always believed that sharing in the enthusiasm with my couples leading up to their big day, getting close to them, and understanding what they value in their relationship, ultimately just makes photographing that tangible connection between them happen so naturally on the wedding day. My role in your wedding is supportive & I want to invest in your relationship by preserving a part of your legacy as a couple with beautiful moments.”

“We have a photo-journalistic / documentary style, always looking for that moment that captures more than just imagery, but also emotion – an end product that tells a story. With us, you get so much more than the other one-man-band photography outfits. Our 2 full-time photographers are backed up by a team of experienced second shooters, full time admin and editing staff, dedicated to customer service and delivering quality end products.”

“I use both natural and controlled lighting to create a perfect balance of both glamour and emotional storytelling. I avoid following trends but rather get to know you as couple to capture your unique vision for the day. I am not afraid to break technical rules or even brave bad weather for a unique photo!”

“We Love all the little Moments about your love story, the messy, the Romantic , The pure . We view each wedding as a collaboration with our couples. We don’t see Ourselves as a distant observers or documentarians, focusing only what’s in front of us, we are capturing how it felt to be there too. We are deeply inspired by Cinema, faraway lands and Moments that mean something to our couples .”

8. Christine le Roux

“I am a Cape Town based photographer with a love for beautiful things and people. My passion for photography has filtered through to all the aspects of my life. I adore lifestyle photography, especially wedding photography. To me it’s all about capturing special moments between people and telling a story. My approach focuses on the use of natural light and the creation of a light and editorial style. My Philosophy is seizing the special moments in life. Capturing history for generations to come and documenting every event so that each photo has the magic to be framed.”

“Inecke is both personable and has a wonderful way with people, allowing them to feel instantly at ease in front of her lens. She works exceptionally well with adults and children alike drawing them in with her winning personality and warm words of encouragement”

10. Yolande Marx

“I always gravitate towards amazing light with clean backgrounds. I will make sure to place you in good light and then I like to back away a little bit and let your magic unfold on its own in front of my lens. I don't lend my editing style to trends or filters that are popular. Instead you can always expect superior quality photos that have been professionally edited and are as genuine as the moment they were taken.”

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