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Chelsea Warren-Stone! Absolutely exquisite. We had less than 1 year to plan. She is entirely efficient, meticulous and innovative. No request had ever been unresponsive or inaccurate. On the day of my Wedding at 06h30 she called.. “Good Morning my Beautiful Bride”…”have you seen the weather” before I could open both eyes and grasp for air she initialised her sentiment “I have a plan B” and she surely did. Her passion and sincerity is true and entrusting. Her urgency and attention to detail is truly out of this world. Chelsea was my secret maid of Honour, who took responsibility and actioned freely with no hesitation or compromise and had my best interest at heart till the last moment. She applied her plan B and I can honestly say my idea of perfect had been GOD ordained and Chelsea had been my blessing. Thank you for being the super star that you are, every Bride & Groom of whom is privileged enough to work with you ; should be ready with anticipation for the best experience one’s day and new life beginning could ever imagine. To All the Brides reading this, I dare you to have a coffee with this lady – She will win your heart!



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