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If you are thinking of planning a wedding, then look no further than Warren-Stone Weddings. No matter if you are planning a wedding locally or internationally, Chelsea, founder of Warren-Stone weddings can make anything happen. Being based in Johannesburg and planning to get married in Cape Town can be extremely stressful and difficult for anyone, on top of the fact that the Covid pandemic had struck the world.

From day one Chelsea and her team have been exceptional from our first call. Chelsea made our wedding happen without us ever having to worry, stress or even feel as though a wedding was even being planned. Chelsea is extremely thorough and her attention to detail is unheard of. Chelsea has a wealth of experience when it comes to planning any type, style, or theme of wedding that a client is visioning for their big day. Chelsea was able to always understand what we wanted and how we wanted our big day to be executed. Additionally, Chelsea was able to provide suggestions that anyone getting married for the first time would never think of or imagine.

There was never a moment from start to execution that as a client you felt ‘in the dark’ or uncertain of the stage of planning, or whether the vision you had was going to come to fruition on the day. We cannot overemphasize how Chelsea and her team made or dream day a reality.



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