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5 June 2021


I cannot express my gratitude enough for Warren-Stone Weddings and all that you did to help the SA Weddings team pull of a very successful Bride of The Year. I feel so confident in recommending you to any bridal couple planning their special day, you eased the pressure in the build up to the event, on the day and wrapping things up on the Sunday. We would absolutely love to work with you again for Bride of the Year.

Warren-Stones attention to detail was beyond what I expected, and I can honestly say that you both put our minds at ease the day before the event and on the day. You worked like clockwork and when an issue occurred you kept calm and collected, it blew my mind how you did that.

I think the highlight working with the Warren-Stone team was your clear communication at all times, your calm and composed approach to absolutely everything, nothing was a too bigger ask and you made a plan when curve balls were thrown at us and you stayed professional until the bitter end.

It would be an absolute pleasure and honour working with Warren-Stone Weddings team again in the near future.

Katherine Ballantyne Owner | Managing Director SA Weddings

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