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From the first meeting with Maxine and Jarrett, it was clear that they wanted their wedding day to be remembered by all their loved ones as a lighthearted, fun-filled, and exciting occasion! We used this couple’s enthusiasm and zest for life to drive the creative process when planning their special day.

One of the most beautiful moments of this wedding was Maxine and her father arriving, carefully getting out of the beautiful Rolls Royce vehicle, and slowly walking down the waterside pathway toward Le Roche ceremony chapel. The couple’s dear friends, the Mackay Brothers, sang a very moving acoustic song as Maxine and her father walked down the aisle.

The live band, Ben Dey and Concrete Lions, was booked for the pre-drinks period of the wedding. Once they took the stage it become instantly clear why they are one of the premier cover bands in the Western Cape area. All the guests had such a fabulous experience during this part of the wedding while drinks flowed, the sun set and this high energy band performed.

The ceremony was held in the La Roche Chapel which is incredibly unique as it is the only ceremony space within the Western Cape area, which is on its own island. Apart from a small path connecting the ceremony chapel area to the mainland, the ceremony area is surrounded by a vast body of water. As you can imagine, this provides an amazingly beautiful backdrop for photographs from every angle of the chapel space.

The pre-drinks and reception catering were provided by ROCA restaurant. We were particularly impressed by the abundant charcuterie and cheese buffet serviced at La Roche after the ceremony. Guests were so amazed by the platters provided which included an assortment of different textures and tastes. The station comprised of a range of premium charcuterie, sharp firm cheeses, and sweet-smelling preserves.

The first dance was an impressive sight to witness, especially when Jarrett hoisted Maxine above his shoulders and executed the spinning, “Dirty Dancing” move. The guests had surrounded the dance floor and were waiving large sparklers in encouragement. They applauded enthusiastically when watching the couples fabulous choreographed dance routine ended.

This was one of the most successful after-parties we have planned to date! The area party area was setup outside, on the lower level of ROCA restaurant. The garden area was leveled and the dance floor setup just next to the vineyards which were spot lit for the evening. The fairy light canopy created a very romantic atmosphere for the memorable first dance. Thereafter the well-known DJ Ricky H turned up the volume and guests partied until 03h00!

The ROCA staff and the outsourced Shake and Serve staff worked together perfectly to ensure all guests were comfortable and attended professionally. The teamwork displayed from both of these companies was very impressive considering there was so many elements of service involved, two wedding venues and an open bar.

The speech period is often one of the calmer times at a wedding celebration. This was not the case at Maxine and Jarrett’s wedding! It was evident that all of the guests felt Maxine and Jarrett were perfect for one another worth celebrating every second! Though there were only two formal toasts planned, we noticed that the guests spent more time standing and cheers’ing than seated during the speech period and everyone was so excited.

It was an absolute pleasure to work with Gavin Casey who captured the day superbly.

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