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· Coordinating Wacela and Yaseen’s spectacular wedding celebration was an experience that I won’t forget. Their loving family dynamic was unique in that both sets of parents were incredibly involved during the wedding planning process, while keeping the bride and grooms’ preferences in mind.

· The wedding couple and their extensive list of family and friends filled the Cavalli main function venue which can accommodation 350 seated guests. The bridal table and guest table placement was calculated after drafting our to-scale floorplan. It was fabulous to see this beautiful venue at its maximum capacity in terms of guest number.

· The cultural aspects of the union were extremely special to plan and to witness on the wedding day. The Nikkah took place at the Stellenbosch mosque whilst the women were hosted in the Sunken Garden, eagerly awaiting the groom and the rest of the gentleman to return. It was so special to witness Yaseen walking down the aisle to greet his bride, Wacela.

· Cavalli venue was very well suited in terms of the required prayer areas. The Conservatory venue was utilized as the lady’s prayer area and the Sunken Garden venue was utilized as the gentleman’s prayer area.

· One of the highlights for every guest who attended the wedding was the live stream entrance which was a lovely idea which the groom initiated! Wacela and Yaseen were filmed as their vehicle drove up the Cavalli driveway, as they got out the car and as they walked toward the wedding venue. This live feed was showcased on a large projector within the venue, so guests watched as the bridal couple moved closer to the venue entrance. When the couple reached the venue entrance door, the live stream stopped, the projector screen lifted, and the guests saw the magnificent couple in their Reception attire.

· The dessert buffet featured assorted sweet treats from the talented Lameez at Just Baked, Donuts from the Dairy Den and Sugarlicious ice cream flown from Johannesburg. The dessert buffet was setup very near the dance floor, so this encouraged guests to continue indulging throughout the evening.

· We placed the dance floor outside the venue which was perfect as the guests enjoyed the warm summer evening while dancing under the fairy lights.

· La Elegante was the outsourced caterer chosen and they provided an amazing two course meal. A perfectly plated salad starter followed by a family style main course. Regardless of the extensive guest count, the meal was serviced swiftly, and we received many unsolicited compliments on the catering.

· The bridal backdrop and greenery installation were perfectly put together by Flower Jules (Floral) and NConcepts (Structural, lighting and greenery). As there was another wedding the day before Wacela and Yaseens, it was particularly challenging to execute such an extensive setup within such a small-time frame. However, with these two fabulous suppliers and their numerous enthusiastic staff members, the wedding was setup perfectly and all design elements completed just before guest arrival.

· It was wonderful to work Ryan Graham who captured the different periods of the celebration effortlessly. His clear direction and light editing style suited this couple perfectly.

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