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Personality Traits You Need To Be A Wedding Planner


All wedding planners have one thing in common… they are people’s people! This career path involves meetings with service providers and clients daily- a love for working with people is key. Wedding planners are often team players with open and friendly demeanours. While being professional and polite, being charming assists with relationship building which is essential to the wedding planning career path.


A wedding planner requires versatile communication styles which both high-priced clientele as well as hard-working service providers can relate to. The most successful wedding planners are often those who can communicate with everyone in their domain with confidence, clarity, respect, and a calm approach.


A wedding planner often coordinates between 15 and 30 weddings at a time. With so many couples and their respective requirements, a clear systematic approach is best to ensure every couple receives a personal and professional wedding planning service. Skillful organisation and administrative abilities are key to control the numerous elements which the planning process includes. This process can be up to 18 months before the wedding date and hence a great wedding planner will be able to keep control of the overall quality of the event without losing any of those little details.


Wedding planners often require a creative design eye to realise the fundamental vision the bride and groom have in mind. Service providers will need direction on everything from the place cards on the table to the overall lighting and floral design and hence relaying the creative vision to everyone involved is a wedding planners’ responsibility. If you are not a naturally creative person, you may need to spend more time researching popular trends showcased in magazines or on social media and Pinterest to stay up to date and informed for your wedding couples.

Time Management:

It is essential to be reliable and punctual with all wedding planning meetings, whether it be with services providers or clients. This is especially important during the wedding planning process as clients need to feel confident that their wedding planner is going to keep all service providers and guests in line with the agreed-upon timeline on the actual wedding day. The ability to think on your feet and multitask is essential when faced with numerous time pressing challenges hence wedding planners need to be masters of time management.

Financial Management:

Almost every wedding comes with a prescribed budget which is managed by the wedding planner. When drafting the initial budget breakdown, a wedding planner often focuses on the important aspects first such as the wedding venue and thereafter allocates funding toward catering, beverages, décor, accommodation etc. A successful wedding planner will make sure service providers are paid accurately and on time, as well as suggest innovative ways to stretch the assigned budget to give the client as much as possible within their budget parameters.


Wedding planners need a calm and collected manner in front of guests to ensure the couple getting married enjoy a stress-free wedding experience. Even though there are sure to be tense moments during the execution of the wedding day, all challenges need to be resolved quickly and effectively, with direction from the wedding planner.


To run a reputable and lucrative wedding planning service, you should charge fair and industry-related prices. Representing the client’s best interests is the most important aspect of a wedding planners’ role. Wedding planning is a very personal process and discretion is particularly important when building a relationship with a wedding couple. Even though wedding planners often assist friends, family members and even siblings, confidentiality is expected when it comes to design ideas, budget mediations and personal discussions.

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