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· Every time we spoke with Mante and Andrew it was clear they were beyond in love with one another. They operated as a superb team which made the wedding planning a streamlined and enjoyable experience. Both Mante and Andrew had a clear vision of what they wanted their celebration to include and it was a pleasure getting to know both of their positive personalities.

· The bride’s parents played a vital part in the wedding planning process as they visited the venue ahead of confirmation to reassure the couple of their decision. They were also a key part of the traditional meal discussions and wine choices. Mante and Andrew live in New Zealand, so it was lovely to be able to speak with both them and their families before the wedding day.

· The couple’s traditional step dance into the venue was an absolute highlight of the evening and required no wedding planning from our side! The bridal party showed off their dance moves and had guests cheering joyfully. Later in the evening, almost every guest was on their feet, lead by the bride and groom, dancing in a snake-like fashion around all the guest tables. You could see how much all the guests, both Mante and Andrew’s loved ones, enjoyed this traditional dancing.

· The central placement of the cake and the bridal backdrop monogram worked together beautifully. Blooming Wonderful created a gorgeous geometric bridal monogram which was used as the silver cake topper as well as the large silver bridal backdrop monogram. During the wedding planning process, we ensured that all elements matched the modern silver cutlery and silver stationery foiling on the guest tables.

· Within the wedding planning process, we included a set time for Mante and Andrew to change into their traditional outfits for the latter part of the reception. Both of Mante’s dresses looked spectacular on her! The florist, NConcepts, designed the perfect cascading bridal bouquet to compliment her attire.

Bride’s First Dress: Jessica Bridal Couture

Bride’s Second Dress : TN Collective

· It was exciting to have CBS News present at the celebration as they featured Mante and Andrew’s wedding within one of their news highlights. CBS captured both the traditional ceremony as well as the white wedding at Cavalli Estate. SA Weddings, Hooray Weddings and Mzanzi Bride also featured their stunning celebration. It was very humbling to be credited as the wedding planners on all these renowned media platforms.

· It was amazing to work with Duane Smith and Light Lounge who captured the day so magnificently. They were both fabulous when it came to liaising the wedding planning details which involved their services. You can really see the emotion in so many of the photos which takes expert skill and experience. The couple were incredibly pleased with the service these two companies provided.

· Industry leader, Shaun Westwood, from Wedding DJ’s, kept the guests dancing throughout the evening. Reading the crowd perfectly and combining both cultures’ music preferences was especially important. Shaun understood this resulting in a fabulous party for all the guests!

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