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19 December 2020


Firstly, I would like to thank God for making our day possible Covid-19 incidents free. On behalf of the Seutloali family let me thank everyone at Warren-Stone Weddings for making our day a memorable occasion. From Wayne I think it is with the names register, Ricky, Bronwyn(s), Jodi, Justin our barman, the entire Cavalli team and Chelsea thanks a million guys our lives have been really pimped up by a job well executed. We were awaiting the arrival of the wedding photos which resulted to us being up for the better part of last night to send our final appreciation to what has become a blessing to our lives.

Everyone in our circle of friends is still raving about our day, which shows we were in really good hands. The parasol umbrellas were a pleasant surprise and would like to mention that as a special thank you to Chelsea for pulling that one off much appreciated. Ricky was amazing and am still hoping we will meet for coffee some time with immediate effect. Secondly, and lastly our wedding pictures are to die for, and it is a pity we have decided to be off social media so we cannot share them much. Thank you so much Bronwyn Tod, Chelsea, and everyone for a day we will cherish for the rest of our lives.



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