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We got married 2 years ago. We initially decided to organize our own wedding arrangements . We wanted a WOW wedding on our special day. After delving into what it takes to organize a wedding and all the stress that goes with it,  we realized that we might be divorced before we get married. We decided to look around for a wedding organizer who would ensure that our wedding was a major success and that we could simply enjoy our day without worrying. After approaching numerous wedding co ordinators, we stumbled across Chelsea. From the moment we  sat down with her we realized that she had that X factor that would ensure that our wedding day was the best. Nothing was a problem for her. She listened to us and tailored the wedding plan to meet our desires. The “ Chelsea Wedding Clock” ran like a Swiss watch, it did not skip a beat. Everything was perfectly planned and on time. On the day of the wedding she was ever present , lurking in the background, ensuring that everything went to plan and that no one bugged us. Her staff were excellently trained and took instructions from her. We really felt like royalty.  Not once were we bugged on any issues during and after our wedding. We can HIGHLY recommend Chelsea to anyone seeking a professionally, well run, hassle free wedding.



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