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· Claire and Robbie were such an exciting couple to get to know through the wedding planning process. Each meeting was high-spirited and efficient as they are both highly organized individuals. Working alongside Claire and Robbie to create their dream New Year’s Wedding was such a pleasure.

· Strandkombuis is situated just outside Yzerfontein, overlooking the vast salt pan that the area is known for. We loved the fact that the venue was a blank canvas that we needed to decorate effectively while respecting the natural beauty of the outside space. We brought in creative lighting and decorative hiring which transformed the relaxed venue interior into a magical New Year’s wedding reception.

· The couple had a close family friend officiate the wedding ceremony which was held on the beach sand. The entire audience was enthralled by the warm words that were said to unify the couple. During the wedding planning process, the couple requested that all guests be prohibited from taking personal photographs of their intimate ceremony. This moment remains in their guests’ memories and not in photographs. Every wedding guest truly experienced the love that was shared between Claire and Robbie as all eyes were on the couple’s union.

· The entire wedding party stayed at the wedding venue’s accommodation which was comfortable and decorated in white and blue tones. This created an informal weekend away celebration. The guests also got to know one another before the wedding, as well as our WW team as the wedding planners, which ensured the wedding after party was a very relaxed and jovial occasion.

· The pre-drinks were held on the Yzerfontein sand dunes which provided the most spectacular 180-degree views of the Yzerfontein bay and an incredibly special backdrop for photographs.

· Hearing all the details about Claire’s wedding dress was one of our favorite parts of the wedding planning process. Designed by Elli Nicole Bridal, this unique blue grey wedding dress, made from 30m of fabric and 200m of crinoline edging, matched the bride’s bold personality and the venue aesthetics perfectly! Minke Du Plessis completed Claire’s look with elegant yet natural makeup and hair styling.

· The dancing was a highlight of the evening, led by DJ Arries. It was an amazing New Year’s celebration for their guests and included a few wow factors such as the star-shaped pinata (Filled with Lindt balls and other assorted chocolates) that we had custom made for the occasion. This was such a unique element of the wedding which Claire was so excited for during the wedding planning. The couple also executed a beautifully choreographed first dance while their guests gathered around the dance floor and waved 1m long sparklers with enthusiasm!

· The incredible Bronwyn Tod was the chosen photographer for this special couple’s celebration. Claire and Robbie had witnessed her capture their dear friend’s wedding in the past, so they felt comfortable and confident utilizing her services.

· After reading our blog post, the bridal couple requested an opportunity to add a few words:

“Warren-Stone Weddings took the stress out of planning this special moment. Chelsea spent many hours listening to our crazy ideas, dreams and vision, bringing it all together elegantly with magic and fun. Thanks for everything Chelsea and team!”

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